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This is a teen-empowered program with three levels that focus on meeting the needs of all youth victimized by bullying.

TAB Youth Testimonials

TAB has helped me overcome victimization by expressing how I felt in a way that was not so aggressive but more assertive. TAB has also helped me discover and listen to myself from within, and demonstrate and deal with my strengths and weaknesses. I have improved in areas where improvement was needed, which produced a strong self-confidence. (AJS) Youth
As I watch my daughter in her TAB group, I saw maturity and confidence cultivate. I saw self-development with her and she was happier. I saw a change at home in her behavior and school as well. I am happy that she found this group. It really helped her a lot, thank you all for your help. (JR) Parent
TAB has helped me find my voice and use it in a way that is effective. I am really grateful and proud to call TAB my family, because I am surrounded by positivley and I am able to voice my opinions. I am also able to receive and get help when needed. (JT) Youth

The Youth Council (ages 10-13) and Teen Peer Leaders (ages 14-17) develop skills in a biweekly support group to advocate for themselves and peers to respond to bullying effectively and prevent further incidences.

Advocates attend school appointments and facilitate the youth (ages 6-17) in navigating the system, making referrals to therapeutic services and informing them of legal rights.

TAB raises awareness in the community about victimization through bullying, as well as assist in the ID of potential victims of bullying through the use of awareness campaigns, ID campaigns, and collaboration with schools and other youth organizations. The program offers workshops to inform parents.

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Teens Against Bullying is a teen led program with three levels that focus on meeting the needs of all youth victimized by bullying. Our program recognizes youth who are targets of bullying as well as witnesses traumatized by bullying as victims.Family Resource Center South Atlantic
About Our Program

Teen Peer Leaders participate in program development, management, and civic engagement.
Youth Council members participate in various activities to promote a network of support. Our mission is to empower and support victims of bullying. This program is funded by the Governors Crime Commission of NC.

All participants are provided with:
  • Referrals to therapeutic resources to address possible trauma related to being victimized.
  • Information as to their rights and the resources available to them in North Carolina.
  • Guidance on how to address victimization within the school system.
  • An opportunity to participate in supportive activities.

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Phone: (919) 834-9300, ext.: 103

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