Family Resource Center South Atlantic Safe Spaces

Wake Supervised Visitation Program

Safe Spaces for Wake Supervised Visitation Program provides specific and curriculum guided skills and core concepts for building healthier family relationships in a neutral setting for families referred by Wake County Human Services to aide in the reunification process. A unique component of the program is the utilization of pre-visit and post-visit briefings, which are 15-minute consultation sessions between the parent(s) and the Parent Visitation Coach (PVC). Safe Spaces for Wake emphasizes creating a safe and healthy family environment for children with their parents in charge. Parents are empowered and supported to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families during visiting time.

What are the services available?

    • Parent Skill Development Sessions using Triple P
    • Fully supervised visitation
    • Thorough assessment of parenting needs and individualized goals for each participant
    • Pre- visit consultation and debriefs following visits
    • Parent Visitation Coaches (PVCs) assist with referrals for less intensive services to enhance successful reunification
    • PVCs are available for court testimony to assist with permanency planning


Service Benefits

    • Improved relationships between parent(s) and child(ren)
    • Increased understanding of child development and behaviors that underlie feelings and needs
    • Improved parenting skills
    • Reduction of risk-related behaviors
    • Decreased risk of child maltreatment
    • Successful reunification of parents with their children or alternate permanency plan


Who can access services?

All referrals for Safe Spaces for Wake Supervised Visitation Program comes through Child Welfare Social Workers. Please direct referrals and additional questions to Vanessa Hickmon at: