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Empowering parents to be the best at the most important job they will ever have!
Parenting is challenging but rewarding.

Adolescence is exciting but difficult. The Parenting Wisely program recognizes the negative behaviors of adolescents can be turned around by a positive and supportive family structure.

This model promotes closer relationships within the family, improved communication, increased confidence for both parents and teens, higher levels of empathy, and stronger understanding of developmental stages, roles, and effective responses to challenging situations.

Our Mission

To build strong families through effective parenting and communication skills.

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Our Services

  • Helping families Identify the problems
  • Assess risk and needs of the family
  • Identify services and make referrals for support
  • Create an action plan to achieve goals
  • Interventions to alleviate or minimize problems
  • Encourage positive communication and interactions

Engaging Activities

  • Video Scenarios as models for solving problems
  • Interactive Role Play
  • Skills Reinforcement
  • Seminars and workshops

Flexible Training

  • 12-24 weeks of in-home services
  • 4-12 hours of small group presentations
  • Co-parenting training
  • Custom office visits
  • Certified facilitators
  • Trauma-informed training
  • Parents Matter (adolescent sexual behavior)
  • Triple P

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Legal Aid NC Resources

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Behavioral Health Assistance
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