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Reentry services to returning adult citizens and justice involved individuals (ages 25 and up) to support the successful transition from secure confinement back to their families and communities and reduce re-incarceration. New Start will provide a comprehensive program that addresses the challenges and barriers returning citizens and justice involved individuals have transitioning back to their families and communities in the counties of Edgecombe, Vance, Nash, and Wilson. Services include employment focused and occupational skill building opportunities, employment and educational training, job search and placement, peer support mentoring, cognitive behavioral intervention, case management and responsible fatherhood/parenting curriculum training.

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New Start

New Start Program Goals:

To reduce recidivism by 50% among 188 returning citizens by (1) Improving employment outcomes; (2) Improving educational attainment outcomes; and (3) Promoting responsible fatherhood/parenting.

New Start Program Services:

1. Employment Focused Services: Vocational and occupational skills training will be offered to program participants through our partnerships with area businesses, community colleges and technical training programs.

2. On-the Job Training/Subsidized Employment: We will offer on the job training and work based learning opportunities where program participants can work with area business, non-profit and agency partners. Subsidized wages for up to three (3) months will be available.

3. Employability and Workplace Skills: Workshops will be provided to program participants on skill building topics such as resume writing, interview techniques, positive work ethics, time management, job search and referral, etc. Program participants will also be assisted in obtaining their GED.

4. Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI): We will provide an evidence-based curriculum training that teach participants strategies to manage and reduce risk factors that may lead to re-arrest and incarceration.

5. Peer-to-Peer Support: We will provide monthly group mentoring sessions as well as individual peer mentoring to help participants successfully transition back into their families and communities, address concerns, motivate and assist program participants.

6. Case Management: We will provide an assessment and screening, identify strategies to address identified risks, needs and life areas and create an individualized service plan with program participants and their family. Case management will also include accessing legal services to assist with matters involving expunction, certificate of relief, Title VII violations, etc. Assistance will be provided for need-related support services such as work uniform, school book and transportation needs, program incentives and necessary wrap around services.